Shengyang Branch
Shenzhen headquarters
Chengdu Branch
Jointly invested by China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen Cinda Investment, and established in August 2008, Shenzhen China Banknote Printing and Minting Kexin Financial Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in high-end banking equipment, machine vision inspection equipment, system integration and technical services. As a state-level high-tech software enterprise, the company has three bases: the Shenzhen headquarters, a technology R&D base, Chengdu R&D and production base for machine vision inspection equipment, Shenyang production and manufacture base for bill sorting machine.

Company Missions

Innovate independently, establish a national brand and break the importing monopoly

Company Position

We aim to create a high-tech, international and world-class brand with market-oriented operation and by meeting customer demands.

Core Values

Innovation, entrepreneurship and values

Behavior, work and knowledges

Code of Conduct

Simple, practical, true and pragmatic;
Be a trailblazer in the industry and serve the industry as best as we can

(1)We have been improving the product competitiveness and marketing of the company by adhering to the market, product and customer demand. In the early days of the company, in order to quickly expand the market share, enlarge the industry scale, integrate the resources and advantages of the three joint ventures, and consequently support the development of the new company, the three parties closely cooperated in technologies, market and management.

(2)Strategy of high-tech investment. To build the new company into a high-tech enterprise and the highest level of the financial equipment engineering technology center in three years, we preserve 10% of the annual sales income as the scientific R&D fund. Besides, market regulation, basic technology together with the advantages of the headquarters, all safeguard the project innovation and rapid access to scientific research.

(3)Deep cooperation with foreign countries. We extensively cooperate with relevant organizations at home and abroad, apply open R & D and operation, and concentrate on the industry development and the latest technology progress, in order to accelerate the new company's overall technology upgrade.

(4)Our enterprise cultural atmosphere help innovate technologies. We encourage innovation and draw lessons from failure, in the hope of making the enterprise a true international, modern and high-tech enterprise.

CBPM-KEXIN strictly sticks to the principles of integrating resources, becoming bigger and stronger, highlighting priorities, and developing fast. By integrating outstanding R&D teams, market platforms and management systems in Chinese banking instrument sector, we aim to rapidly promote the product R&D and its industrialization in machine vision sector. Eventually, we will create our own advantages in technologies, products and markets in terms of the Chinese high-end visual inspection equipment, with the business scope covers the major areas, including paper-making, printing, security film, glass, etc.


Established in 2008, CBPM has become a leading company through relentless efforts. Both the country
and sector are unanimously positive about CBPM-KEXIN.

We promote to establish a learning-oriented enterprise and implement a lifelong learning program. Therefore, we have carried out various types of vocational trainings, in order to help young employees grow fast in the enterprise. Relying on the training system of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the enterprise has three doctoral tutors and six graduate tutors to cultivate back-up talents.

Under the support of CBPM and backed up by the high technologies and first-class talents from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CBPM-KEXIN integrates resources from the three parties reasonably and effectively. Consequently, a technical strength, rich production and management experiences, a strong marketing network and a wide range of customer groups are established. With the continuous innovation of science and technology, CBPM-KEXIN has a number of high-level independent intellectual property innovations in image processing, precision machinery and optical-mechanical-electrical integration. Specially, the key technologies of banknote sorting machines and machine vision inspection equipments are world-leading. In addition, the machine vision inspection equipment has covered the whole printing process, and is expanded to sectors like paper and security materials, electronic glass, medical imaging equipment, etc.

CBPM-KEXIN has become the main supplier and technical service provider of high-tech printing and inspecting equipments in the Chinese banknote printing and minting sector.

CBPM-KEXIN is trying its best to become a China-leading and world renown enterprise.