CBPM now has over 300 employees, among which over 100 have acquired

Masters Degrees or Ph.D., accounting for more than 30%!

of the whole staff.

Here, you can create a new future with

Chinese top specialists.





Number of Staff
Number of PhD and Master obtainers

Scientific innovationMaster independent intellectual property rights

Though continuous scientific innovation, CBPM-KEXIN has acquired numbers of innovative independent intellectual property rights in the sectors like image processing, precision machinery, optic-mechanical-electric technology, etc. 38 items were registered as national software products. 41 items have acquired national computer software copyrights.innovations in image processing, precision machinery and optical-mechanical-electrical integration.

38 pieces of national registered software

41 copyrights of national computer software

Continuous input and progress in technology R&D and innovation have yielded fruitful results. People’s Bank of China has awarded CBPM-KEXIN the second prize for scientific development four times, the third prize once.

the second prize for technology development

the third prize for technology development

With 20 year’s efforts, CBPM-KEXIN has successfully mastered core technologies. Its independent new technologies have 12 innovation patents and 16 utility model patents, world-leading in machine vision.

12 patents for invention

16 utility model patents