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Machine vision applies digital imaging technology. It replaces human eyes to do the inspection, location, measurement, identification and other tasks, giving the machine "eyes". Machine vision mainly includes industrial lens, industrial camera, visual light source, image acquisition card and image processing software. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high stability, and can effectively carry out quality control, quality inspection and test and measurement.

Machine vision is an integrated technology, including digital image processing technology, mechanical engineering technology, control technology, electric light source lighting technology, optical imaging technology, sensor technology, simulation and digital video technology, computer hardware technology and man-machine interface technology. These technologies in machine vision are equally important. They coordinate with each other and constitute an efficient industrial machine vision applications.

CBPM-KEXIN Financial Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in high-end banking equipment, machine vision inspection equipment, system integration and technical services. Enjoying a history of 20 years in banknote inspection, it is a state-level, industry-leading, high-tech and software company.

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